What’s The Difference Between Dental Bonding and Crowns?

The results of dental bonding and crowns might look fairly similar yet the processes are significantly different. There are a number of different factors that determine whether dental bonding or crowns are ideal.Let’s take a look…Below, we take a look … Continued

What Are the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is en vogue these days as it quickly beautifies the teeth with little risk.  Teeth gradually darken across the aging process. This darkening is especially common when one consumes coffee, tobacco, red wine, berries and other foods/drinks that … Continued

Teeth Grinding Treatments

Do you currently grind your teeth? This includes gnashing your teeth and/or clenching your teeth. Roughly one out of every five people grind, gnash or clench their teeth these days, which can lead to a variety of oral health problems … Continued

Do Probiotics Improve Teeth Health?

How is your teeth health? The overall healthiness of your mouth is going to be dependent on a few things of which two of the most important are brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. When you brush … Continued

A More Efficient Flossing Technique

The average person may have a basic understanding of flossing, but few people floss properly. Few people will properly floss when they are half-asleep at night, attempting to clean their teeth before hitting the hay. While the interest in flossing … Continued

Questions to Ask Your Dentist During Your Checkup

When the dentist asks if you have any questions during your next checkup, do not skip over the question assuming everything is fine. There is nothing wrong with asking a specific question about your oral health or proper care techniques. … Continued

5 Options for Your Smile Makeover

One of the surest ways to improve your physical appearance is undergoing a smile makeover procedure. It is not scientifically proven but, there is something magnetic about smiling that attracts people to you. Here is smile makeover information. You can … Continued

5 Tips for Taking Care of a Tooth after a Root Canal

Root canals are an intense and invasive dental surgery that have a false stigma surrounding them. While people believe that root canals are painful, they will actually cause little to no pain after. Edison Dental Health Center in Edison typically … Continued

A Look at General Dentists and the Procedures They Perform

Plenty of people visit with their general dentist more often than they do with their doctor. There is good reason for this difference in frequency of appointments. General dentistry is designed to prevent disease. It is estimated about 65 percent … Continued

Why You Should Not Fear Your Upcoming Oral Surgery

The prospect of an oral surgery sends most people into a tizzy. However, oral surgery is rarely as uncomfortable or frustrating as patients expect. In fact, most patients fear the prospect of an oral surgery even if they have been … Continued