Invisible Braces Benefits over Traditional Ones

Posted on: August 15, 2018


Nowadays, invisible braces benefits make them the popular option when it comes to dealing with alignment issues. Having misaligned or crooked teeth does not only ruin a person's smile, but it also makes it more difficult to properly clean teeth. This leaves a person more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Both of these dental problems can lead to the eventual loss of a tooth if it is not treated in the early stages.

Braces have been the norm for dealing with many orthodontic issues, but these devices are obvious in the wearer's mouth. That can lead to the person feeling self-conscious when they are around others. Here are five invisible braces benefits that make them one of today's popular orthodontic devices.

Invisible braces benefits

1. Discreet teeth straightening

Clear braces allow patients to improve the appearance of their teeth without making it evident to those they interact with. It is virtually impossible to tell if a person has clear braces when interacting with them. That is starkly different from metal braces which are impossible to miss if a person has them.

2. Increased comfort

Clear braces are more comfortable than traditional ones. There is less of an adjustment period, and they can be easily removed when the wearer wants to eat or clean their mouth. That means the patient has to make minimal changes when straightening teeth with clear braces.

3. Increased safety

Traditional braces consist of wires and brackets that can scratch and cut the soft tissues in the mouth. Clear braces have smooth and rounded surfaces that do not damage any part of the mouth. Patients are also less likely to have gum disease and tooth decay.

4. Shorter treatment time

Patients sometimes have to wear metal braces for up to four years, but that is not the case with clear braces. Most patients wear invisible braces for less than two years, and specific issues can be fixed after only six months of wear.

5. Clear treatment plans

Digital images of the patient's teeth and gums are often taken before clear braces are made. This computerized system gives the dentist and patient a clear picture of how long the treatment will last and what the final result should look like.

When it comes to the installation of metal braces, there are no clear-cut treatment plans. Trial and error are often involved.

6. About the same price as metal braces

It is easy to assume clear braces are more expensive than their traditional counterparts given the fact it is a newer technology. That is not the case though. The cost of getting invisible braces is about the same as getting metal braces.

In some cases, it is more expensive to get traditional braces.

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