Questions to Ask Your Dentist During Your Checkup

Posted on: February 2, 2018

CheckupWhen the dentist asks if you have any questions during your next checkup, do not skip over the question assuming everything is fine. There is nothing wrong with asking a specific question about your oral health or proper care techniques. Your semiannual dental checkup is the perfect time to ask questions. Here is a look at common questions to ask during your next checkup.

Questions to ask during a dental checkup

Am I using the right floss, toothpaste and toothbrush?

Your dentist will have a good idea as to whether your oral health care routine is sufficient. It is possible you are using the wrong dental products for your unique oral health needs. The market is inundated with toothbrushes, dental flosses, mouth rinses, toothpaste and other dental care products.

The right toothbrush for your mouth hinges on your oral health status, the pressure you apply when brushing and other factors. Your dentist's insight will prove quite helpful in selecting the perfect dental products for your needs.

How is my overall oral dental health?

Ask about your overarching oral health. Find out if you need to brush or floss differently or at a higher frequency. Perhaps you have an oral health problem that will necessitate monthly dental visits or an alternate schedule. The dentist will let you know what you can do to enhance your oral health. He or she will provide advice on how to thwart potential dental issues before they become a serious problem.

What sort of risk assessment tools do you use?

Part of the reason to visit the dentist is to determine if you have oral health problems or are at risk for such problems. Risk assessment tools are necessary to gauge your chances of developing a disease or another oral health issue. The dentist must be able to accurately determine the level of risk.

Furthermore, the dentist will apply preventive techniques for conservative treatment that might ward off a potentially costly and invasive procedure. If the dentist does not have the proper tools or techniques to determine the risk of decay, oral cancer or gum disease, move on to one that does.

What can be done about my teeth grinding?

If you grind your teeth or suspect grinding is occurring, pick your dentist's brain about how to best go about reducing or completely stopping this destructive habit. If you have morning headaches or a popping of your jawline, it is a sign you grind your teeth. The dentist will verify if grinding is occurring, recommend treatments and possibly provide you with a customized mouth guard.

What is the best schedule for dental visits?

Your unique mouth might require a dental checkup every couple of months, every six months or possibly once per year. The dentist will analyze your teeth and gums, determine the appropriate frequency of visits and help you enjoy a healthy and beautiful mouth for decades to come.

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